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Mastering GI Mapping

clock icon  Duration: 6hr 30min
play button icon  Videos: 18 
download icon  Documents: 28 
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About The Course

Efficiency is key to growing and sustaining a business, and we are excited to help you get started with this amazing tool. We’ve spent hundreds of hours interpreting tests, developing protocols, creating supplemental materials, and have achieved life-changing results for our clients. Now you can too!

The GI MAP™ test is extremely detailed and can be challenging to read. We make it simple for you by breaking down the microbe profiles included in the GI-MAP™ and reviewing them in detail. We walk you through our uniquely designed protocols modeled on our backgrounds in modern and holistic medical practices. In this course, you will be working with real patient results and real protocols, so you’ll feel confident when you take your first client.

Whether you are adding the GI-MAP™ to your current practice or using it as the foundation for a NEW virtual wellness business, we give you comprehensive business guidance. You’ll learn how to talk about the test with your clients, set up your lab account, and deliver protocols. We provide client questionnaires and marketing tools, as well as our billing practices.

One of the most valuable parts of this course is the 30-day FREE access to our private community forum. Our practitioners use this space to learn from each other, ask questions, get insights, and share knowledge.

Each one of us can make a difference, but together we create lasting change.

Course Content

  • Module 1:
    • Getting yourself tested
    • Creating your accounts
    • Keeping track of clients
    • The client journey
    • Invoices, payment, scheduling, pricing
    • How to get new clients
    • Marketing your GI Mapping services
    • Website guide
    • Module 2: Overview of the GI MAP test: how to read the report
    • Module 3: Bacterial pathogens
    • Module 4: Parasitic and viral pathogens
    • Module 5: Helicobacter pylori
    • Module 6: Normal Bacterial Flora and Phyla Microbiota
    • Module 7: Dysbiotic/Overgrowth Bacteria & Potential Autoimmune Triggers
    • Module 8: Fungi/Yeast and Viruses
    • Module 9: Protozoa and Worms
    • Module 10: Intestinal health
    • Module 11: Treatments, Protocols, and Case Studies
    • Module 12: Diet, Lifestyle, and Emotions

What People Are Saying:

Since I became interested in wellness and began helping people eight years ago I have always sought to help people get to the root cause. The GI-MAP™ course has given me the tools and confidence to know how to help people with exactness. It feels like math. Once we understand what’s out of balance we know exactly how to restore balance. I am most excited that I can share this with other practitioners. I am currently working with a chiropractor who has shared this with her chiropractor friends who also have a passion for getting to the root cause is. This is a gift for so many who struggle to understand the meaning for their suffering. Julie and Eliza have done an amazing job of clearly and concisely not only how to read the GI-MAP™ but how to implement this into a business. They also have been most attentive in our mastermind community which continues to be invaluable.

Wendy Frasier

I am very excited to join the GI Mapping Community. Through my experience as a doTERRA wellness advocate, I have learned the importance of getting to the root of health issues, and 9 times out of 10, the culprit is rooted in the gut. When I heard, " We no longer have to guess, we can test"! I was immediately ready to learn more and dive deep into this cutting-edge diagnostic test. This course came along at a perfect time, as this will greatly enhance the experience of our patients. I am preparing to go into practice with a Neurologist in a new venture : The Headache Center of Hope in Cincinnati, Ohio. I will be providing treatment and nutritional/lifestyle coaching and holistic care for the patients. I found the course challenging but yet easy to understand, the ongoing support of the GI Mapping community gives me confidence that I can be an effective provider, even though I have no medical training in my background. I can't wait to see all of the lives we can change with these modalities of treatment that Julie and Eliza have designed after we "get to the root" and experience true healing for so many.

Jana Mitten

The GI Mapping course has changed my perspective on the dis-ease of the body and my approach to healing! I am so happy I locked arms with Eliza's team! As a chiropractor, I have always taken the holistic approach when addressing the body and its symptoms, but because of the GI-MAP, I am able to take a step further into my patient's health and wellbeing and truly create change in their lives that I couldn't do prior to GI Mapping! Thank you Eliza and Julie for giving me the tools to reconstruct lives! I am forever grateful!!

Dr. Melanie Perry